Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Designs by Wes - Now In Store!

Introducing a new range of designs by Doncaster artist Wes.

Starting with 25mm badges, this range will be also include mirrors, keyrings, bottleopeners and more...all with this great tattoo style artwork.

Take a look at his range at Cute 'N' Creepy here

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Yesterday I helped a new life into this world. One of my hens had been sitting and hatched out 3 chicks, plus adopted one from another hen. But one egg still remained unhatched, and as her other chicks were starting to be more mobile she had left it alone...and it was getting cold when I found it. At first I assumed that it was no good, but as I lifted it I heard quite a hearty chirping from within.

Now lots of folk say that you shouldn't help a chick hatch, as if it isn't strong enough to do so it won't survive or thrive. But listening to that little voice I just couldn't leave it to die, so I set about helping it. I gently started to peel away the egg, being careful not to make the membrane bleed. At last it was out and although it was small and curled up it was cheeping for all it was worth. I tried putting it under the hen again, but although she didn't try to do the chick harm...neither did it stay put and mother the little mite.

So I bought it inside, and for the rest of the day I held it in my hands...keeping it warm and safe. Come night time it was starting to be move mobile, but knowing it would be hard to keep in with me all night I decided to put it back with its mother. She was sat tight for the night, so I slipped the chick under her and left them to sleep.In the morning it was with some dread that I went to check on the chickens, a little afraid that the hen might have left the chick again. But I needn't have worried as the little mite was happily pecking around with its brothers and sisters, with Mum proudly watching over them.So yesterdays work was worth it in my opinion, whether it was right or wrong I helped that little being to live and that has got to be a good thing in my opinion.

You can see a video of the chick here, with a guest appearance from our dog Gizmo.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Did you know...

That werewolves, dragons, fairies, unicorns, witches, vampires and so many more mythical and magical creatues can be found within our online shop. As well as these designs you will also find witty slogans, sarcastic comebacks and more on a range of items from badges to mirrors, bottle openers to bookmarks.

We have two new ranges on the way from artists Leon Atkinson and Wes, these will be coming soon, so watch out for further info and updates.

A sneek preview of the new Leon Atkinson designs

Designs by Wes

We now have a link in the online shop to Vistaprint, so if you are in the market for business cards and other promotional merchandise then why not click through and have a look. Many of their items are free, and although you may have heard some bad feedback on this company be assured that I have used them for a couple of years now and have nothing but praise for them. Just remember if you do go and order to read any small print and avoid signing up for a money off scheme which signs you up to a monthly paid scheme...if you do this then I am sure you will be as happy with them as I have been.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oh....a widget!

Today has been a rather lazy day. It was very hot, and much as I don't like it when it is too cold...I also don't like getting hot and sweaty (well, most of the time...;-) ). Anyway I did do one Cute 'N' Creepy related thing and that was to create a widget so you can take a peek at what I sell on my site (incase you haven't been there yet...what's keeping you eh?!)

Anyway, here it is...with designs from Cal, Chris Bell, Goth Alice and of course Cute 'N' Creepy.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Chickens 'N' Widgets

First thing I did today was to go out and check my chicken and her chicks. I had been hoping that her two remaining eggs would be hatched...but alas it seems they were not destined to do so. Still four out of six isn't bad for a first time Mum I reckon.

'Now listen to Mummy when she is talking to you!'

''re not my Mum!'

If you want to see more photos you can here

Moving away from chicken related news, I put a reviews widget on the front page of the shop website today. So if you have bought from me in the past then it would be great if you could take a few moments to leave a review of the shop (it would help put me higher up the ratings...which is always a good thing).

Some of you may know that Cute 'N' Creepy produces a fantasy fiction zine called Ethereal Tales. Well, today I finally managed to finish and upload the video advert for Issue One onto youtube.

If you feel inclined it would be great if you can rate and comment in it...;-)

Lastly I saw this article about creepy gothic dolls, and it made me think I really need to do more one-of-a-kind stuff...hmm *starts thinking about future projects*

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Guest book, lighters and chicks

Nope, I am not giving you the recipe for an over sexed arsonist's B&B comment...just a round up of today's Cute 'N' Creepiness.

I have installed a guest book on my shop site, and a link on the blog if you have had a peek around the shop then please leave me a message to let me know what you think of it and my products.

The other main thing I did today on the C 'N' C front is to put some new lighters on the website...

These lighters have pewter decorations on the front of them they are on sale at £6.00 each and there is only one of each design available, so if you like the look of one don't hang about as once they're gone, they're gone.
You will find them in them here

There is also another new lighter of a similar design, but the decoration isn't pewter so it costs slightly less at £5.00

and you can find it here

The last thing I have to share with you tonight is something cute...very cute in my humble opinion. It is the news that our household has had some new arrivals, some chicks hatched out today. So far there are 4, but the hen is still sitting on two hopefully by morning there may be the patter of two more clawed baby feet.

Anyway, these are the best picture I could get today...only one chick showing (I think the rest were camera shy...;-) I will try and bring you some more cuties this space!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The First Post

Ok, bear with me as this is my first ever blog post.
Yes, this (only just) forty year old has decided to dip her toes into the blog world. I am not sure whether anyone will actual read my inane ramblings, but hey...we won't know until I try will we.

So, lets see what has been going on today. Well, to be honest I haven't been as productive as I would have liked to be. However one thing I did was to sign up to Google Adsense so I can add some paying adverts to this blog, it's sister blog Ethereal Tales, as well as for my online shop Cute 'N' Creepy and my zine website Having never used anything like this before I am sure it will be a learning curve, but hopefully it will bring in a few pennies to help oil the financial cogs. Time will tell I guess, but in these somewhat hard times in business we all have to look at different areas to add a little to our incomes.

I hope to have more to report in my next blog watch this space... :-)